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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India. Many people did not know that instead of soap, Gandhiji used a stone to scrub himself. Very few people, however, know how precious this stone for mahatma gandhi, given by Miraben

This happened during the Noakhali march, when Gandhiji and others people halted in a village called Narayanpur. During the march, the full responsibility of seeing after this particular stone, along with other things, lay and depend with Manuben. Because of some reason or we can say Unfortunately, though, she forgot the stone at the last halting place.

"I want you to go back and look for the stone," said Bapu-mahatma Gandhi in his incredible voice. "Only then will you not forget it the next time." "May I take a volunteer with me?" "Why?"

Poor Manu. She did not have the courage to say that the way back lay through forests of coconut and supari, (betel nut) so dense that a stranger might easily loose his way. Moreover, it was the sad time of riots. How could she go back alone with out any one support?

But go she did, and alone; after all she had committed and admitted the error. Leaving Narayanpur at 9:30 in the morning, Manu trudged along the forest path, taking the name of Ram as she went.

On reaching the village she went straight to the weaver's house that had been their last and final halt. An old woman lived there. And she had thrown the stone away because she thinks that the stone has no use. When Manuben found that stone after a difficult search her joy knew no bounds.

Carrying the precious stone, she returned to Narayanpur by late afternoon. Placing it in Bapu's lap she burst into tears and start crying in front of bapu.

"You have no idea how happy I feel. This stone has been my cherished companion for the past 25 years. Whether in prison or in a palace it has been with me. Had it been lost it would have distressed me and Miraben both as well. Now, you have seen that every useful thing is worth taking care of, even a stone."

Manuben said, "Bapu, if ever I took Ramanaam with all my heart it was today."


A diminutive horse born in the US could lay claim to the world record for a lightweight foal

The pinto stallion named Einstein weighed just 2.7 kg and measured 35.5 cm tall when he was born on Friday in Barnstead New Hampshire.
Those proportions fit a human baby just about right but are tiny for a horse even a miniature breed like Einstein.

Dr Rachel Wagner Einstein's co-owner says the Guinness Book of Records lists the smallest newborn horse as weighing in at 4kg.

Breeders say that unlike the current record holder Thumbelina. Einstein shows no signs of dwarfism.


Beautiful Chile

Thanks to a long history of immigration, Chilean manners have a largely European character. For example, the customary greeting between a man and a woman or between two women is a kiss on the cheek. When men greet each other they simply shake hands. For Chileans, the greeting is very important. Unless there are a large number of people present, it is generally inappropriate to greet someone by simply saying "hello." Take a few moments to greet people you have not met or you have not seen during the day.

Chilean men are more likely to follow rules of chivalry, although Chilean women may tell you this is changing. Men are expected to open doors for women and to give up their seat on the bus or Metro. On the bus or Metro, this is especially true for older women.

Chileans are known to have relaxed attitude towards punctuality. It is not considered inappropriate to arrive up to a half-an-hour late. If you arrive early, expect to wait.

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