Friday, April 19, 2013

Soldier Crab and Butterfly Moments

Waves of scurrying blue soldier crabs are a common sight on the sand and mud flats of  Queensland !

The Moon Snail is one of the Soldier Crabs main predators on the sand ! They come up from underneath the sand to feed on the Soldier Crabs.

Soldier Crabs walk forwards not sideways like other crabs! 

 They absorb air through their legs! 




Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunny Coast Moments Last Week

Cloud reflections at Point Cartwright

Sea Slug in the sunlight at the point!

Fishing at Chambers Island

Dogs on Chambers Island!

Views up Maroochy River from Chambers Island

 In the waters of the Maroochy River

Dragonfly with broken wing!

Trawler leaving the Mooloolaba Harbour

Boat out under Mount Coolum

Fishing the Point with tanker in the distance

Oyster Catches at the point with tanker in the background

Red Belly Black Snake in the gardens

Butterfly in the Gardens

Dragonfly on some ferns in the garden

Dogs at play Chambers Island

Chambers Island view of the Maroochy River