Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nature on the Sunshine Coast Queensland This Morning

Under the Sunrise at Point Cartwright Queensland

Butcher Bird and his Lizard breakfast

Caterpillar and flower in the gardens

Jumping spider covered in pollen !

Bees and Water Lily in the gardens

Purple Swift Footed Shore Crab on the Point this morning.
Checkout more info here on him and other crustaceans.
Queensland Museum

 Kayakers on Lake Macdonald this morning.
This sounded like heaps of fun out on the waters of Lake Macdonald this morning.They were searching for specifically placed objects around the Lake. The echoes of voices across the lake as instructions were shouted to and fro ! 

Kayakers on the lake.
Racing to every corner of the lake to find that last key on their quest and back to home base to claim victory!   

 Kookaburra getting his feed of ants for breakfast.
I watched as this Kooka kept getting a feed of ants flying back to a branch with his mate. Then returning for another feed at least a half a dozen times I watched him. His mate must have already had his fill because he just sat on the branch and observed.


 Duck amongst the Water Lilies

Kayakers on the lake

Jumping Spider and Flower

Lake , Kayakers and Lilies

Duck and Lilies

Saturday, October 5, 2013

More In The Garden Moments