Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful Morning Point Cartwright Australia

I am beamingly filled with glorious energy and light. I did not wake this morning, no, I RISE. Reine Amodeo.
    Thanx Reine for these beautiful words
      I rise to an Australian morning. Down to Point Cartwright for the dawn and what a beautiful morning it is.Feel free to scroll and enjoy the pictures of  natures gift to us on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mountain Moments

Go Tell It On the Mountain

  In 1907,John W. Works III, a professor at Fisk University and a professional musician, compiled and published Folk Songs of the American Negro.Work devoted his time to preserving African-American folk music. This is his arrangement of the song that exists today but this song was known to have been sung by African American slaves dating back to at least 1865.
     It was also embraced by the civil rights movement in the 1960's. Today it is a perennial favorite at Christmas concerts and church services.The following is Bob Marley and Peter Tosh's version.

Under Mt Coolum

The Climb
Miley Cyrus

A Beautiful Angel Climbing Mt Coolum

Mt Everest History and Facts

More Under The Mountain

The while a wind runs low from hill to hill,
As if to stir the birds awake, rouse up
The nodding trees, and draw off silence like
A garment from the drowsy earth. The heavens
Are full of points of light that go and come 
And go, and leave a tender ashy sky.