Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful Morning Point Cartwright Australia

I am beamingly filled with glorious energy and light. I did not wake this morning, no, I RISE. Reine Amodeo.
    Thanx Reine for these beautiful words
      I rise to an Australian morning. Down to Point Cartwright for the dawn and what a beautiful morning it is.Feel free to scroll and enjoy the pictures of  natures gift to us on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.


  1. Wow Lee, you were really on a roll today. I LOVE all of these. The bird with feet in mid-air,the view of the ships through the palms,the heavenly sunrise, and ALL of them.

    You might want to consider selling these and earning some dough for your time and effort, etc.

  2. Bless, you capture the love in creation immaculate. Beautiful!!!