Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Weekends Dawn plus Neighbourhood Friends

Point Cartwright Saturday Morning

Tanker under the sunrise Point Cartwright

Swans at the duck pond

An Ant with a taste for bug feet.

Sunrise Alexandria Bay Noosa Heads Sunday Morning

Birds under the sunrise Alexandria Bay

Fisherman Alexandria Bay

Flying into the Sunrise Alexandria Bay


  1. More absolutely gorgeous photos Lee. My top pick is the fisherman fishing. (it's the fishergirl in me)

    The ant biting the leg of that beetle is another prized photo. How did you catch that perfect moment? (well, not perfect for the beetle)

    You're a natural born photographer Lee. It's in your blood. Great job again.

  2. Thank you Edna! You always made me feel good! Hope all is going well for you kind lady! Big Hugzzz!