Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bird Quest Part Two

      This is part two of yesterdays bird quest along Golden Beach Queensland. These are common birds in the area caught on camera yesterday. I have photographed many others along the Pumicestone Passage Sanctuary. Unfortunately its not a sanctuary anymore and some birds have and will disappear due to the disgraceful over developement in the area. Moreton Bay regional Council shorebirds. I wish these councils really meant what they say but I'm afraid. When money from developers become involved, all good intentions, go out the window. It was four years ago that i photographed a Jabiru in the passage but that sighting, I'm afraid, was the last, where he ended up. I don't know !

Flying Catcher

See the Sea Hawk

Masked Plover with Chicks

 Pied Stilt

                                                          Wandering Oyster Catchers


                                                                     Egret on the Passage

                                                  Watching over their Babies

Soaring with Seagulls

 Wagtail between the Heads

Swallow among the Deadwood

White Heron

 Magpie at Rest

White Faced Heron

Pigeons/Heron/Honey Eater

Pied Stilts /Pelicans and Seagulls

Missing Jabiru

 Cormorant in the Water

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