Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bird Moments

Our moments blog this week is on unique birds.These include the Lyrebird,Bird of Paradise,Barking Owl.Enjoy! 

Lyrebird the  Impersonator

 The Lyrebird is the world's best impersonator.  It can mimic the sound and songs of other birds perfectly but its talent does not stop there.  It is also known to have imitated sounds of chainsaws, dogs barking, babies crying, musical instruments and explosions. 

Bird of Paradise 

The Song and Dance Bird

There are more than three dozen species of the birds of paradise. Most are distinguished by striking colors and bright plumage of yellow, blue, scarlet, and green. These colors distinguish them as some of the world's most dramatic and attractive birds.

Their elaborate dances, poses, and other rituals accentuate their appearance and put on a phenomenal show for both female birds and any humans lucky enough to be in the vicinity. Such displays can last for hours, and in many species they consume a significant part of the male's time.Birds of paradise are found in New Guinea and surrounding islands. The manucodes and riflebirds species also dwell in Australia.

The Barking Owl

The Barking Owl is named for its harsh 'barking' call but can also make a much louder, wailing cry, which has given rise to another name, the 'screaming-woman bird.It can also turn its head 360 degrees.

Interesting photos taken of birds here on the Sunshine Coast

Seagull Noosa
Pelicans Fighting Rainbow Beach

Lorikeets in Love
Minahs Chatting Eumundi


Kookaburras on Epitaph

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