Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

2010 Fifa World Cup

   The World Cup opening ceremony featured top music artist around the globe.  The official 2010 World Cup song, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”,was performed by singer/songwriter Shakira. She teamed up with a local South African group Freshly ground.

Beautiful Shakira 
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

   In December 2007, Shakira traveled to Bangladesh to visit UNICEF-supported education projects. She also met with women and children affected by Cyclone Sidr.
“I am sorry for what happened to you,” she told cyclone survivors. “But things are going to get better again. I admire your resilience and your patience and how much you can still give when you have so little for yourselves.”

  “The true spirit of this World Cup involves making a lasting contribution”, Shakira says. “We can add to the legacy of this historic moment a platform committed to providing quality education for the children of South Africa and to ending poverty and inequality wherever they exist”.

   Shakira received a United Nations Humanitarian Award for helping children with her charity Pies Descalzos . Pies Descalzos, also known as the Barefoot Foundation, helps thousands of displaced children in Shakira’s native Colombia.

    The singer moved the 400 member audience with her speech. “Let’s not forget at the end of this day when we all go home, 960 children will have died in Latin America,” she stated.

     She then encouraged the public to help make a difference, saying, “This generation has so many ideas and technologies that my parents didn’t have access to, so let’s take advantage of this historical opportunity we have within reach to make this world a better place.”
Winter Olympics 2010  K.D.Lang

  Canadian pop music royalty shone brightly at the opening ceremony of the 21st Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. The top musical highlight was a stunning performance of Canadian poet/songwriter Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah" by Canadian singer k.d. lang.
   Earlier in the ceremony top Canadian pop stars Nelly Furtado  and Bryan Adams performed a duet on a song titled "Bang the Drum" written by Adams. Sarah McLachlan joined the parade of stars with a solo performance at the piano. 

    In another powerful tribute to Canadian pop music, Joni Mitchell's classic "Both Sides Now" provided the backdrop for a moving aerial and dance performance. Finally, Anne Murray, one of the bestselling Canadian pop singers of all time, was one of the notable Canadian personalities chosen to carry the official Olympic flag into the stadium. 

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